Tasmanian Flatpack Furniture: Why Use Ikea Furniture To Sell Your Home

Tasmanian House Sales Flat Pack Furniture Assembly Tasmania IKEA

Selling a home can be an arduous task.

Prospective home buyers walk into an open house with a heart full of dreams for their new home, dreams which translate to demands and deal-breakers when it comes to choosing the home they are going to buy. With the home buyers’ fickleness in mind, it is important to present your home in the best light possible when selling.

There are a number of television shows, blogs and other online resources dedicated to advising people on how to stage their home in order to sell it quickly and for the price they are hoping for. Tips range from slapping a new coat of paint on the walls, to undertaking repairs or even a full remodel. These so-called “quick-fixes” can be not only time consuming, but costly and, when you’re trying to move house, money is most likely not an abundant resource.

There is, however, another way that you can breathe a fresh look into your space without spending a lot of cash, and without too much effort. The answer to your quick-sale prayers, will be found in the Ikea catalogue.


Tasmanian House Sales Flat Pack Furniture Assembly Tasmania IKEA

It’s exciting when a shiny new Ikea catalogue arrives at your door. You get to flip through glossy pages of well laid out rooms and beautiful décor. As you flip through the pages of your Ikea catalogue, or browse Ikea’s website, you find design inspiration left and right. Ikea’s unique business model means that they can stock a wide range of products, in a number of different styles, so there is something to be found for everyone and on every budget.

When it comes to staging your home with Ikea’s famous flatpack furniture, there are a number of different ways that you could update your home’s interior to make it more appealing to buyers.

You could start with superficial updates and minor décor touches, like a sleek new clock, a modern light fixture, or some life-like artificial plants. Adding decorative touches to your home is a great way to show the potential of the space and to beautify your home for perspective buyers.

Ikea is also the best place to start if your home needs a more drastic décor update. They offer a wide range of stylish and sleek furnishings to update your homes appearance. The best part is, all of Ikea’s furnishings are extremely affordable and there are style options for every taste and budget.

If you head over to Ikea’s website, you will find design inspiration for your kitchen (http://www.ikea.com/au/en/catalog/categories/departments/metod_kitchen/designideas/), Living room (http://www.ikea.com/au/en/catalog/categories/departments/living_room/tools/coli/roomset/), bedroom (http://www.ikea.com/au/en/catalog/categories/departments/bedroom/tools/cobe/roomset/) and entire house.

These updates will really up the visual appeal of your home, and Ikea kitchens are a great way to update your home AND add value as well.

Furniture Assembly Tasmania

Unfortunately, there is no Ikea store in Tasmania yet, instead, everything is available to order from their website and all products are delivered to a warehouse in Brighton, just north of Hobart. This means, if you’re making large purchases, you’ll likely have to rent a truck to get your purchases home.

Once you’ve got your furniture home, it’s time for the fun part, the assembly!

Fortunately, Flat Pack Assembly Tasmania is able to provide solutions for both of these issues. We offer Ikea delivery within Tasmania, so you don’t have to worry about renting a truck and hauling your purchases home with you. Once we’ve delivered your Ikea purchases, we also offer flatpack assembly to take the stress out of restyling your home.

At Flatpack Assembly Tasmania, our friendly staff takes care of the no-fun parts of Ikea shopping, so all you have to do is have a blast perusing the Ikea catalogue and then decorate your home like a pro. Another upside is that if you want to sell the furniture you use for staging your home rather than take it with you to your new house, you can sell it online as pre-assembled for roughly the same price you paid for it. It’s win/win!

Tasmanian House Sales Flat Pack Furniture Assembly Tasmania IKEA

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