Bunnings Kitchens and Kaboodle

To really save money on a new kitchen, consider buying flat-packed or pre-assembled kitchen units and installing them yourself. You’ll pay anywhere from one-tenth to one-half the cost of a custom kitchen.


Bunnings sell Kaboodle kitchens, and they are a great cost effective way of replacing a kitchen, especially as a DIY option. The best part is that you can see an assembled kitchen on display and choose your options right there on the spot. You can then take it home and start assembling your kitchen that day!

Another benefit is that Tasmanian customers can touch and feel the surface finishes as opposed to IKEA flat pack kitchens that need to be ordered and shipped to Hobart or Launceston.


One issue people have is getting the kitchen installed when DIY is a little out of their scope. Bunnings is known for low-cost products. Bunnings offers assembly and installation services, but that’s not really consistent with their brand. It’s not their core business offering. They have to subcontract with other firms to provide those services, and the sheer volume of requests means Bunnings can’t reliably provide a good customer service experience for their installation customers. That’s what happens when the people who sell the service aren’t involved with providing the service.


We can help. From removal and preparation of the existing kitchen to pick up and delivery and assembly. The earlier you get us involved in your project the more we can help take the stress out of your flat pack kitchen. If you require a custom kitchen let us put you in touch with some of our affiliates. Give us a call on 0409508247 or email: admin@flatpacktas.com.au