Tasmanian Specialty Timber Table

This is a Celery Top Pine table I made out of some timber milled in the 1980's from the South West of Tasmania. It has been racked for 40 years drying. It is a beautiful timber to work with and created a lovely slab for family get togethers finished in clear satin.


The heavy industrial style legs were created with the help of United Engineering's power hacksaw to make precision 45 degree cuts.


This is an inbuilt IKEA PAX system I put together for a beautiful client in Glenorchy Tasmania. The customer wanted to follow the method of hacking IKEA created by Erin Kestenbaum here: https://erinkestenbaum.com/2018/12/12/hacking-the-ikea-pax-into-a-fully-custom-closet/

The IKEA LED light system wasnt quite up to the task so some custom units were installed with a remote control. The effect is really classy.

I built a custom plinth for the units to sit on and matched the existing colonial style tall architrave to give the units a solid built in feel. I also hand made the overhead cabinets to make the units full ceiling height and give the client extra storage without the dust factor of open shelves that are seldom used.